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Our Vision

To Identify, transform and empower the vulnerable

An Organization geared towards socio-economic transformation for empowerment of the vulnerable

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We Provide

We Provide Counselling and Mentoring...

A Go–to Care Organization for Driving Socio- Economic Transformation and Financial Empowerment.

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We Organize

Breast Cancer Screening

A Go–to Care Organization for Driving Socio- Economic Transformation and Financial Empowerment

Welcome to Hadassah Care Development Centre

Hadassah Care Development Centre is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization established with the purpose and objective of providing care, support, food and clothing for the hopeless, destitute and rejected in both rural and urban areas


Our Impact

Through the use of appropriate therapy in counselling

IDPs that are traumatized regain their confidence and become healed emotionally to move on with their lives; thus alleviating psychological problems associated with state of being physically displaced and enhance quick socio-economic Integration..

Through our Community Talks and workshop

we help shift Men’s focus away from underage girls through proper orientation on women; Through counselling and mentorship, sex workers are able to transform their orientation; Through vocational training and acquired skills they are able to establish sustainable businesses and further develop their communities, leading to reduction in the rate of delinquency, prostitution, HIV/AIDS and STIs..

Through our educational support, love & affection

less privileged children are developed physically and psychologically as well as inspired by philanthropy to become good citizens who can help others..

Through our conferences, seminars and retreats

youths are able to discover their purpose, develop and release their potentials; as well as transformed into Role Models in the Society.

Through our vocational skill training

widows are empowered to start microenterprises, which can sustain them and their families and give them an opportunity to learn best practices for their businesses. Also by co-creating social group, they have a psychological safe place to voice and share their experiences, develop friendships solidarity and become a social force for solving their challenges..

Project Reach Out To The Slum Community

As part of our work to assist the less privileged and the vulnerable, this outreach was organized to provide food and clothings to the people of Oluwada community; a slum area in Ebute Meta Area of Lagos. With the help of our staff and volunteers, over 200 women including children. We had a total of 15 volunteers present at the programme who helped in the distribution of the relief items..

Project Rescue An Abused Woman in Your Community

In bid to ensure women are free from domestic violence especially the suppressed and disadvantaged who could not help themselves come out of the situation most times because of lack of adequate education and knowledge, one of the young mothers amongst the few we have rescued is Hauwa Fotana, a mother of 6 children. She got married at age 13 to Alhaja Fotana who always beat her even with cain. We were able to help her return to her home town with our window's mite .

We love to help all the children that have problems in the world. After 15 years we have many goals achieved..

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